Product Group: Plant growth regulator

Very often, growers find too small and irregular sized fruits during harvest. In order to solve this problem Sitofex® is applied successfully. 

Sitofex® is a plant growth regulator that improves the fruit size and quality in various fruit crops, especially table grapes and kiwifruit.

It allows the fruit grower to increase the fruit size and consequently the production, preserving all the quality characteristics, such as the original shape of the fruit, the organoleptic features and the dry matter content.

Therefore the obtained yield is higher, together with fruits of bigger, regular size and with the best quality.

The active ingredient of Sitofex is forchlorfenuron (CPPU). It is manufactured in Germany under high quality standards including ISO 9002 and TÜV Certification. These high standards for production and handling, assure that the product will perform as indicated.

Ongoing research programs support the development of best management practices for optimizing the growth of crops under ever changing and often challenging conditions.


Storage and Safety instructions

Keep out of the reach of children. Keep containers tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Avoid light effect, sun rays and heat effect. Keep away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs.

Always comply with the safety instructions provided in our safety data sheet!



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José Martínez

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